How should we set up the password on the Internet

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We are now in the Internet age, and we often have to log in to various websites, forums, mailboxes, online banks and so on. These visits often require the identity authentication of account + password, so we constantly register users with countless Internet accounts and passwords. Most people are accustomed to using only one commonly used network username, mailbox and password. Then, how should we set the password on the Internet to be relatively safe?

In general, the security of personal password needs to follow the following simple requirements: the use of different passwords for different network systems and the use of more secure passwords for important systems. Never use the same password for all systems. For those occasionally logged in forums, a simple password can be set; for important information, e-mail, online banking, and so on, a complex password must be set. Never make the same password for forums, e-mail and bank accounts. The specific setting strategy is as follows:

How should we set the graphic 1 on the Internet Password

First, categorization of its commonly used websites: large websites, small websites, important websites, and ordinary websites.

1, big website

Big websites are trustworthy and secure websites, such as hundreds of millions of portal websites (Tencent, Google, etc.), which are theoretically safe, and the user’s password is not easy to leak in conventional cases, and will provide the function of binding cell phone number. This kind of website should be not more than ten.

2, small website

Websites outside big websites are small websites, which are not trusted websites. The passwords stored on them may leak at any time, and may be passwords explicitly leaked.

3, important website

The core websites that involve network use, such as the main email, net silver, online payment, domain name management, etc. if the web site is attacked by hacker, it will cause loss of personal assets or related other website services to be attacked, and the loss is huge.

4, common website

A website outside the important web site.

Personal password security strategy

Two, classify your common passwords: weak passwords, Chinese passwords, strong passwords.

1. Weak cipher

The easiest to remember is by default the password that can be lost.

All kinds of small and medium-sized websites, forums, communities, personal websites and so on.

Reason: these websites may not be very secure. Some just store the password MD5, and some may store passwords plainly. Hackers can easily steal users’ passwords from these websites.

2, medium cipher

Medium strength password, more than 8 characters, has a certain ability to resist exhaustion.

Medium passwords are mainly used in domestic portals, large websites, portal micro-blog, social networking sites, etc., but do not use them in main mailboxes. The portal is best bound to the phone number.

Reason: large web sites have better security and are usually less likely to be cracked. The strength of passwords used in large websites can be slightly stronger.

It is important to note that some portals (such as Sina, Sohu, etc.) provide micro-blog, and provide mail systems. If these mailboxes are set up by default, it is recommended not to use these mailboxes anywhere. If you want to use a mailbox, it is best to confirm that the mailbox has an independent password function.

One exception is the Tencent mailbox, the Tencent mailbox to support a separate password, after setting up, users need to enter the QQ password and mailbox password after two to use.

All game accounts use a separate password.

3. Strong cipher

A strong password requires at least 8 characters, not a user name, a real name, or a company name. It does not contain a complete word, including letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Strong passwords are mainly used for mailboxes, Internet banking, payment systems, etc.

This kind of website is the most important and most important website, the net silver involves the security of the user’s property, and the mailbox can reset all the registered website passwords of the user, so this kind of website must use strong password to ensure its absolute security.

The poor password is very effective for a simple password with less length, but if the network user has a longer password and has no obvious regular features (such as using some special characters and digital letters), the process of breaking the tool is very difficult, and the cracker will often be poor for a long time. Lose patience. It is generally believed that the password length should be greater than 8 bits, the best password contains alphanumeric numbers and symbols, do not use a pure digital password, do not use the combination of common English words, do not use your own name to do the password, do not use the birthday code.

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